Distilling Healthcare Subrogation to an Art Form

Nationwide Healthcare Subrogation And Lien Resolution Services

When a personal injury claim is filed, insurance companies, healthcare providers and government programs that have disbursed funds to the litigant have the right to file liens and subrogation claims against any potential settlement. In almost all instances, they will do so. This amounts to a clawback taken directly from the settlement before funds are distributed to the client, ultimately reducing payments to both the firm and the client.

At The Law Office of David H. Abney, II, we advocate for injury victims, not the insurance industry. Prior to starting our firm, David H. Abney, II served as associate general counsel for the largest post-payment healthcare recovery vendor in the United States. Today, he uses his inside knowledge of the processes used by the health industry to build strategies for minimizing payouts. His approach has earned him a reputation as a premier thought leader on healthcare subrogation throughout the United States.

Protecting Recoveries For Injured Parties

Personal injury lawyers come to our firm from across the country for advice and counsel on minimizing subrogation and lien resolution payouts. Mr. Abney acts as the key negotiator through the entire negotiation process. We routinely secure waivers in cases where plan language is defective, but just as importantly, our experience and negotiation skills allow us to provide invaluable advice to clients.

Our areas of practice include:

We also do flat-fee Medicare past claim resolution and work on single event catastrophic cases in the ERISA context. We audit claims with one goal in mind, securing the largest possible recovery for the client.

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Reimbursement claims present difficult issues that can derail a potential settlement. To minimize payouts and keep the litigation on track, put our superior knowledge and extensive experience to work for you. Call (502) 352-2450 to set up a consultation, or contact us online today.

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