Distilling Healthcare Subrogation to an Art Form

The Value Of An Experienced Healthcare Subrogation Attorney

When a person suffers a personal injury, his or her health insurance provider typically pays a substantial portion of their medical bills, including costs related to emergency room care, hospitalization and medication. Government programs and healthcare providers may also pay a substantial portion of the bills, depending upon the injured party’s insurance coverage and eligibility for benefits.

When the injured party pursues a personal injury lawsuit, all these parties want their money back in the event of a successful recovery. This leaves the plaintiff and his or her personal injury attorney vulnerable to financial loss.

A lien against a personal injury recovery can significantly reduce the plaintiff’s monetary award and place them in the financial peril the lawsuit was intended to avoid. Uncontested liens also cut into the contingency fees plaintiff law firms need to thrive.

The role of a subrogation attorney is to limit the amount of the settlement or award that goes to the health insurance company and maximize the recovery on behalf of the plaintiff.

This is a complex area of law only handled by a few firms. The Law Office of David H. Abney, II is one of them. With law offices in Frankfort, Kentucky, we provide exceptional subrogation law representation to clients throughout the United States.

Yesterday’s Industry Experience Helps Plaintiffs Today

Before devoting his practice to protecting plaintiffs’ rights in subrogation claims, attorney David H. Abney, II spent three years as associate general counsel for the largest post-payment healthcare recovery vendor in the United States.

This industry knowledge gives him valuable insight into the strategies health insurance companies and other lien holders employ against personal injury victims. Having stood in the other party’s shoes, he is able to anticipate their tactics and counter them to benefit the plaintiffs – and the law firms – he serves.

Mr. Abney applies a thorough and proactive approach in a broad range of subrogation claims, including those falling under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law as well as those related to Medicare and Medicaid liens.

David is a thought leader in subrogation law, routinely sharing his knowledge of this niche area of law as a lecturer and presenter at American Association for Justice’s Continuing Legal Education programs, TrialSmith national webinars and state trial organization conventions.

Speak With An Experienced Subrogation Law Attorney

Since 2006, we have established a reputation as a leading subrogation law firm, earning the respect of personal injury plaintiffs and the law firms that represent them. To learn how we can help you, contact our office online or by telephone at (502) 352-2450.

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