Distilling Healthcare Subrogation to an Art Form

Meeting The Challenges Of Medicaid Subrogation Claims

When a Medicaid recipient is injured and receives Medicaid benefits, Medicaid’s third-party division seeks to recover costs from all available sources, including personal injury settlements or awards.

If you are a personal injury attorney representing a Medicaid recipient, consulting with an experienced Medicaid subrogation lawyer can help you maximize your client’s financial recovery.

With law offices in Frankfort, The Law Office of David H. Abney, II provides experienced subrogation law representation to clients throughout the United States. Attorney David H. Abney, II is a proven leader in this area of law and routinely speaks at seminars and continuing legal education programs across the country.

Negotiating For Fair Outcomes

With more than 70 million enrollees, Medicaid is the largest single health plan in the United States. Under the Medicaid Secondary Payer Provisions, Medicaid is identified as the “payer of last resort.” States are legally bound to take all reasonable measures to identify third parties that are liable for medical costs incurred by a Medicaid recipient and paid by Medicaid.

Medicaid has strong backing in federal laws, but the law must be applied fairly. A skilled subrogation attorney can scrutinize the facts and plan language and applicable state laws to determine if Medicaid is asking for more than its fair share of a personal injury settlement or award. The rules for Medicaid subrogation vary from state to state. Our goal is to ensure that, when the formula for determining Medicaid payout is applied, it is applied accurately to the correct medical expenses.

A Strong Legal Ally For Personal Injury Law Firms

Personal injury law firms from around the country have turned to us for trusted guidance regarding Medicaid subrogation claims. We also provide services in the context of Medicare subrogation. To arrange your consultation with subrogation attorney David H. Abney, II call our Frankfort law offices at (502) 352-2450 or contact us online.

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