Utilizing subrogation services can add value to your practice

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To recover funds paid out in a claim, an insurance company can legally demand damages from a third party that caused the injury. This is done by subrogation, with the insurance company representative taking the place of the insured injury victim, demanding reimbursement for financial loss and potentially lowering the amount of their recovery. But who is looking out for your client in the process?

Seek Knowledgeable Counsel

An optimal recovery of tort settlement proceeds is threatened without skilled ERISA reimbursement claim resolution. While most personal injury firms have little to no experience in subrogation and lien resolution, using a firm that is a knowledgeable provider of Subrogation and lien resolution advocacy can be an asset to your case and set your firm apart from the competition.

Comprehensive Case Management Guidance

Personal injury attorneys that utilize another firm for subrogation services provide a more comprehensive level of service for their clients without having to stretch the scope of their practice into unfamiliar territory. The specialized advocacy of an experienced subrogation professional can increase the recovery rate for your clients and enable them to continue to qualify for benefits from Medicare and Medicaid.

Specialized Skillset

With services designed to confront the insurance company strategies that lead to less money going to the injured plaintiff, a subrogation attorney can bring skills to the table such as:

  • Seasoned claim auditing
  • Detailed analysis of plan language
  • Smart and strategic negotiation

An ERISA subrogation professional is clearly worth bringing onto the case.

When your firm is able to put more settlement money in your client’s pockets, by protecting them against insurance companies’ recoveries, everyone wins.